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1. _**Start Photoshop.**_

2. _**Load a photo of your choice.**_

3. _**Choose File⇒Open.**_

* * *

# What’s the difference between a RAW file and a JPEG?

If a photo appears in Photoshop Elements, it is most likely a RAW file or a JPEG file. A RAW file is simply a digital photograph that is encoded differently than a JPEG file. In essence, a RAW file is a JPEG file that Adobe reads differently. Adobe claims that RAW files enable you to recover greater detail and clarity from digital images than JPEG files. Many photo editors prefer to work with RAW files because they offer more editing flexibility than JPEG files.

* * *

When you select an image for editing, notice the spots where a layer mask appears in the Layers panel; these spots indicate which layer is visible.

4. **With the Background layer visible, choose Layer** ⇒ **Layer Mask**.

A mask appears on the canvas. Notice that it is not a square box; rather, it is a white circle. At the bottom right is a small color square that corresponds to the color of the mask. When you move the mouse over the mask, the color square changes color.

To reveal another layer, deselect (Ctrl+D) the mask. Each time you select and deselect the mask, the color square changes to indicate the current color of the mask.

Notice that the face layer is still visible. Select the layer mask (Layer Mask) in the Layers panel. It disappears, leaving only the layer visible.

5. **Click the eye icon in the Layers panel, shown in Figure 6-17.**

The eye icon appears next to the selection cursor. Your cursor icon appears in the shape of an eye.

6. **Drag over the background layer.**

It turns into an eye with a black pupil. A yellow rim appears around the pupil because the background layer is masked. You can clearly see that the pupil is a selection of the color black, and the rim is that color.

FIGURE 6-17: A layer mask lets you hide and show layers.

You can also simply click the eye icon in the Layers panel. The selected layer becomes invisible.

7. **To remove a layer, right-click (Control-click

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This article will give you the complete list of Photoshop elements for graphic designers. It contains 7 Photoshop Elements.

1. Adobe Photoshop Elements

How to get it?

If you are looking for a desktop image editing software that has advanced features, you have probably heard the name Photoshop. It has gained popularity because of its extensive editing features. The company behind this application is Adobe and it offers best in-class editing features to its users, but unfortunately, it is not available for free.

A typical Photoshop user has a variety of tools in his Tool box. He uses different ways to edit pictures. There is a huge selection of plugins and many free online resources as well.

Why use it?

The most important factor to use Adobe Photoshop Elements is the accessibility of the software. It is available free of charge and is a fast and easy way to edit images on-screen.

In fact, this is where the name Photoshop Elements came from. It was originally started as a low-cost Photoshop alternative. It has the same features and functionality as the professional version of Photoshop. It is, in fact, the consumer variant of Photoshop.

What does it cost?

As I said earlier, Photoshop Elements is entirely free to use. It is very unlikely that you will ever need to pay for its use, but there are some subscription-based models that are available in the market.

Essential Features

1. This application is very low cost and offers all the basic Photoshop features.

2. It contains the same features as the pro version of Photoshop, and it can compete with any other app.

3. With this version, you have access to the whole range of Photoshop tools and editing features.

4. A valuable feature of this application is the support for multiple monitors. You can use this feature to edit multiple images simultaneously.

5. This application is perfect for users who don’t need the best of features but they need a very easy to use app.

6. There is also a trial version of Photoshop Elements available in the market. It provides the user with limited features like 10 free templates, 6 themes, access to 10 stock photos and other basic features.

7. The trial version is very useful if you are planning to buy the full-version of Photoshop Elements. It’s a good way to familiarize yourself with this application.

8. A word of caution, when you

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// Created by mj on 14-1-15.
// Copyright (c) 2014年 小码哥. All rights reserved.
// 开启优先级(默认20)

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* 返回城市名称
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